Five Fab Things – 28th May 2022

May 28, 2022

Do you ever look back and think, where did the week go?! That’s how it’s been here. Except it’s been a little bit longer than a week since my last Five Fab Things post :-O #trying #willremembernextweek I’m pretty bad at keeping up with Five Fab Things LOL! But, it’s such a good way of being able to look back and remember the little moments, so I’m sticking with it! Here are my Five Fab Things from this week.

Five fab things

Birthday boy

This week is Mr Button’s birthday. Hooray! He never wants to do anything on his birthday, but I’ve managed to persuade him out-out to see Top Gun: Maverick at the O2 in the Cineworld X Screen. Wow! It looks pretty awesome doesn’t it?

A heartbreaking movie

Last week Lydia (Where the Wild Things Were) mentioned the book ‘The Light Between Oceans’ by ML Stedman, and that it’s also a movie. So, I did what anyone else would have done. I googled it and watched the trailer!! But then also found we had it to watch on NOW TV #YASS. I’m now half way through…. Utter heartbreak is a word that springs to mind…. utter… heartbreak, and complex as Lydia also mentioned last week. It’s very good so far! I’ll let you know next week what the verdict was. *You definitely need the tissues for this one.

Jubilee celebrations!

I know I always say it, but we are so lucky that Little Button’s school is just, well, amazing! They really go above and beyond, and this Friday was no exception when they splashed out with a wonderful Jubilee party for all the children. It’s been such a highlight, and the littles had fun dressing up in red, white or blue and even got a gorgeous special Jubilee coin to take home to mark the celebration. I don’t think we ever did this type of thing at school back in the day?

Jubilee celebrations

A cucumber discovery

I’ve finally been down Cucumber Alley in London. Whoops whoops! It’s just as fab as I thought it would be. And, it’s actually in Seven Dials Market (a very short skip from Covent Gardens). I love how it leads into the banana warehouse! Aren’t the names cute?!

Cucumber Alley

Cucumber Alley

It’s basically a foodie paradise with tons and tons of cool eating places to try out. #YUM #BeThereAllDay I ended up with Bad Boy Pizza, which was extremely big, unexpected and just so tasty! Would I recommend it? Absolutely YES!!!

Bad Boy Pizza

A fabulous quote

fabulous quotes

You deserve to allow yourself to grow – by Nikki Miles @nikkimiles_ Absolutely this!

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