How Much Do Pressure Washing Services Cost? (Homeowner’s Guide)

You need a pressure washing service to keep your home clean and looking at its best. From your siding to windows, walkways pressure washing makes them clean. Time is a determinant factor in conjunction with natural occurrences such as continuous rain that carries particles, dirt, leaves, seeds, and many other chemicals on the surface of your building. Dirt congregates gradually in seams and gutters, creating a nasty look.

Using a pressure washing service might seem over the board since ordinary cleaning can be done with a normal garden hose that’s commonly available in every home, but pressure washing goes beyond water cleaning; therefore, pressure washing service is essential.

The cost of engaging a pressure washing service varies, and it’s majorly based on your location. Your home footage also plays a role in determining the cost of pressure washing your home. Likewise, the pressure-washed material or surfaces will most likely determine the washing cost.

Pressure washing service carried out on a property by some companies is calculated by the number of hours it takes to get the job done, but what’s important is getting the best expert for the job.

It’s important to know if the pressure-washing service providers you contact are licensed, insured, and bonded. They must have the technical knowledge and proper training with the best equipment. Beware of companies with a low proposal because it could be a clear statement indicating incompetence.

How to Calculate The Cost of Pressure Washing Your Home

The calculation starts with the pressure washing service company you are contacting to submit their quotation. The company must confirm the surfaces you want to wash and the square footage.

The company must ask for the footage of your home. Therefore you need to know the footage of the siding, roofs, bricks, sidewalks, decks, windows, chimneys, vents, pools, and many more. A simple inspection can give us the right measurement so that all dirty places can be pressure washed for proper cleaning.

Why Should You Employ a Professional Pressure Washing Service?

No rule says you can’t pressure wash your home yourself. However, it requires great skills. Also, the way you pressure each home surface is not similar, and you should hire a professional not to damage your home surfaces due to lack of experience.

Professionals know what it takes to wash any kind of surface without wrecking them. They are equipped with the latest equipment which could cost you more if you buy your own.

In addition, stubborn stains require a specific detergent, so it is always advisable to contact a pressure washing service company.

How To Hire for Pressure Washing

It’s time you start posting since you already know the cost of pressure washing. Therefore, the following should be on your list:

• Your budget

• Your location

• Areas that required washing

• Time frame

Providing more detail for your pressure washing services makes it easier for the company to submit you the right estimates.

Pressure Washing Service Price List

Pressure washing services are charged per square foot. However, the price could change due to changes in surfaces that will be pressure washed. So, on average, the pressure washing cost is between $90 to $200.

You will have to pay more if the job is difficult to wash. Pressure washing per square foot ranges from $0.10 to $0.50. However, larger spaces will demand paying less per square foot.

Pressure Washing Costs Per Home Area

When you don’t want to pressure wash your entire home, you can do the washing segment by segment, which depends on the area you are washing or wants more attention.

  • Patio

Patio pressure washing services cost an average of $150. Stains and particles collected over a long period leave hard-to-wash dirt prevailing on the floors, grease stains, grout, etc. Therefore pressure washes your patio using hot water to wash them off easily.

  • Driveway

Pressure washing for the driveway cost around $100. For driveway washing, your professionals start with scrubbing after soaking to remove oil stains from your car. Pressure washing a driveway starts with washing your driveway floor.

  • Roof

Pressure washing your roof removes moss and algae using the right equipment and settings. The cost ranges from $150 – $350. According to HomeAdvisor, pressure washing a roof per square foot ranges from $0.5 to $1.

For exterior pressure washing services, you should budget $350. However, it all depends on how big your home is.

Exterior with wooden or material that’s soft, you need a low-pressure wash. It takes time to wash such materials properly. Durable concrete requires regular washing since it’s more durable.


Pressure washing is a good choice if normal scrubbing or washing is not enough. Pressure washing uses pressurized water to remove stains and trash from any surface. Using a pressurized stream to wash your home is better than using chemical cleaners or friction. Thus, consult the services of an expert to handle your pressure washing needs.