The Goodness of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Focusing on your home’s finishes creates a unique look different from another house in your area. Wooden flooring is one of the most expensive finishes that you can have in your home. Good quality wood is itself expensive. Moreover, cutting, finishing, and installing make the process even more expensive, creating a huge dent in your wallet.

Often builders construct their new buildings by demolishing an old structure. For smart builders and owners, new construction presents an opportunity to purchase cheap yet quality wooden flooring. Most homeowners today are opting for reclaimed wood for flooring. It is not a new concept, and highly popular as it comes with several benefits.

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood refers to high-quality “recycled” wood from various sources, including factories, old barns, retired ships, stock farms, warehouses, and wine casts. At some point, most structures created from virgin wood either get removed or demolished, leaving behind huge quantities of air-dried wood.

The highly sought-after lumber undergoes recycling by a reclaimed wood flooring Arizona company and is used in various ways. Furniture companies and interior designers use reclaimed wood for homes and offices, offering an aged and unique look.

Uses of Reclaimed Wood

Since reclaimed wood has unique beauty, durability, character, and history, most interior designers prefer using them in homes. These include:


Reclaimed wood beams are decorative, exposed elements in homes. You can use them “as is” while keeping their inherent character. Alternatively, you can surface, ground, hand animal, sanded, or sawn to modify their original appearance so that it fits within the design expectations.


Reclaimed wood companies directly harvest these woods from old buildings for making the flooring. Most of these old buildings already had wood flooring. Maple, oak, pecan, and beech strip floors are sources of reclaimed wood floors.


People use reclaimed wood to create beautiful rustic furniture. It is difficult to distress new virgin wood to offer the look and character of authentic reclaimed wood. Furniture designed from reclaimed wood is ideal for contemporary and traditional interior décor.

Benefits of Choosing Reclaimed Wood

The potential benefits of using reclaimed wood in designing your interior include:


Reclaimed wood furniture and flooring are cheap options with a strict budget. Reclaimed wood does not require polishing. However, if it does, it is minimal and cheap. The installation of the floorings might include some extra charges.

Offers a vintage look

Most homeowners prefer to give their homes a vintage vive incorporating aesthetics in their homes. When it comes to wooden flooring, the style, beauty, vintage, and elegance offered by reclaimed wood floors remain unmatched. The unpolished and matte finish of the reclaimed wood floors enhances their beauty.

Available in Various Styles and Quantities

Another best thing about reclaimed wood flooring is that you can use them in various styles and quantities. These floorings allow you to mix varied styles, creating a unique pattern for your floor. Besides, you can also choose flooring from a wide variety of colors. However, you might require cutting them to fit the measurements of the floor.

High-quality Appearance

Since reclaimed wood for flooring does not require any major alterations, the quality you purchase is the quality you receive. Often customers feel unsatisfied with their new wooden floors, as they experience alterations after purchasing the product, and reclaimed wood floors do not have any room for alterations. Furthermore, the customers need to handpick them, and therefore, they are aware of the quality they receive.


The majority of hardwood floors require chewing through the trees. However, reclaimed wood is recycled wood that has already been used and does not require cutting down the trees.


The wooden floors in old buildings consist of wood from larger and slower-growing trees. Reclaimed wood companies recycle these woods, which undergo expansion and contraction several times over their lifespan. Furthermore, these woods endure more exposure to other elements, resulting in durable wood. Reclaimed wood resists warping, as it has a denser, more stable grain than virgin wood.

While reclaimed wood floors come with several benefits, the choice of the floor will depend on your budget, taste, style, and preference. Due to its classy and popular look, reclaimed wood floor is here to stay.

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